Montgomery County Detention Center
Rockville Neighborhood Advisory Committee
Update on MCDC Reuse Project

Advisory Date
Administrative Conference Room, MDCD
Warden William L. Smith ~ (240) 777-9962
MCDC Warden Office


Neighborhood Resource Coordinator (City of Rockville) Dwayne Jenkins, Gloria Paul (neighborhood representative), Warden Smith, Deputy Warden James L. Jones, Cynthia Distance-Thompson, Capt. Guy Ruffner, Lt. Sharon Roth, Bill Posada and Ricky Pringle.

Warden Smith welcomed the group.


The meeting began at approximately 7:40AM Warden Smith discussed the status of the MCDC Reuse project and tentative date for further discussion. The group was told that presently the project was on hold until the County Executive decides whether to go forward with the renovation of MCDC or decide other options available to him. Warden Smith briefly explained what the other options were:

  • Option 1 - would be to move forward the renovation of MCDC proper
  • Options 2 - would be to move the project to Clarksburg site and build MCDC/CPU as a stand alone facility.
  • Option 3 - design the CPU and 200 beds capacity facility as an extension of MCCF proper.
  • Option 4 - would be to build a new MCDC/CPU at the location of Police District #1 Station adjacent to MCDC after the new police headquarters is purchased and renovated.

The members were informed that there will be a full County Council hearing regarding the MCDC Reuse possibly the week of June 10th or 17th.

Ms. Paul suggested that the MCDC Reuse hearing be held in the evening as opposed to the morning to offer more citizens participation. Warden Smith responded while her suggestion was noted; DOCR had no position in that regard. Secondly, she asked if it would be possible to receive a copy of the options spoke of regarding the Reuse project. Ms. Paul was told that this was not an option because it was not available for public consumption at this time, and it was an internal working document

Reporting to the Neighborhood:

During this reporting period (since the last open meeting) there were no serious incidents – no escapes, attempted escapes, suicides, incidents impacting the surrounding county, security concerns or improper releases (late or early releases). A regular shakedown was conducted on the entire MCDC Facility and all inmate housing units and cells and no unusual or serious contraband was found. No incidents involving contraband occurred during the reporting period. There were no assaults upon staff members nor any serious inmate upon inmate incident. MCDC arrival bookings have remained fairly constant and without incident.

Director Arthur Wallenstein spoke to the annual meeting of Regency Estates Citizens Association (RECA) on May 14th. MCDC had been asked to prepare a discussion of our work for the neighborhood newsletter. It was well received and the discussion focused on general issues such as MCDC Reuse, general correctional issues and how to contact the Jail 24/7 if there were any concerns. There were no community concerns and 35 residents attended the session.

This summer Warden Smith and Art Wallenstein with the support of Dwayne Jenkins will seek to encourage surrounding neighborhood groups to start attending the MCDC Advisory group Meetings. While there have been no serious issues we deeply value the communication process and we seek additional participation beyond the two community folks and neighborhood representatives who have attended and participated so well over the years. Our goal is greater community involvement to foster communication and transparency. If the MCDC Reuse process proceeds there will very quickly be greater community interest given the presence of construction vehicles and work crews.

MCDC successfully completed a complex and detailed site inspection for Maryland State Accreditation. This involves scores of correctional standards covering every aspect of core correctional operations. The final completion rate was 100% and a formal certification will be awarded in the near future. MCDC had previously received national accreditation from the American Correctional Association (100%) and the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (100%). These are exceptional achievement and speak of a dedicated and totally engaged staff. Meeting these voluntary national standards diminishes costly litigation, creates a more secure and safe environment and clearly improves the linkage between the facility and the community. There are 3350 jails in the nation – only 127 hold national accreditation from the American Correctional Association – two of those 127 are MCDC (Seven Locks) and MCCF (Clarksburg).

Next Meeting: July 29, 2008, 7:30a.m.
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