Montgomery County Detention Center
Rockville Neighborhood Advisory Committee
MCDC Reuse Project

Advisory Date
Administrative Conference Room, MDCD
Warden William L. Smith ~ (240) 777-9962
MCDC Warden Office

Neighborhood Resource Coordinator (City of Rockville) Dwayne Jenkins, Deputy Warden James L. Jones, Cynthia Distance-Thompson, Capt. Guy Ruffner, Lt. Sharon Roth

Deputy Warden Jones welcomed the committee in Warden Smiths absences.

In the absence of any community directed concerns, the main point of discussion at this meeting was the status of the MCDC Reuse project at the present time. RNAC has been briefed several times since fall, 2007 that the project is being reviewed by the County Executive, and that a fourth option is now being considered.   

The fourth option is turning the District #1 Police Station (located adjacent to MCDC) site/footprint into the new MCDC/CPU.  It has been proposed that the District #1 Station would be demolished and relocated to another public safety location. This was fully reported in the news media. 

Option 4   (one of 4 being studied) would be to build a new MCDC/CPU at the location that is currently the District #1 Police Station. Accompanying this discussion Deputy Warden Jones also shared the attached new media release regarding the county CIP status to include the MCDC reuse project. 
Below is a recent Gazette news story regarding the relocation of the District #1 Montgomery County Police Station.

Reporting to the Neighborhood:

No were no incidents to report, no escapes, no attempted escapes, no serious situations, no improper releases nor any community incidents. There were no complaints or concerns or questions received from the community. At this meeting with the exception of Rockville City staffer Dwayne Jenkins there were no neighborhood representatives present. Two long standing, active and deeply valued community members residing in two separate neighborhoods immediately adjacent to the facility are no longer able to attend. We seek additional members from all the neighborhood councils/homeowner associations in the area and we will ask our Rockville colleagues to assist. They have sought participation from the homeowner groups on our behalf many times in the past. While we have a very positive relationship with the surrounding community and the absence of participation speaks to the absence of local concerns we seek to maintain a serious and ongoing community involvement. Before the April, 2008 meeting, DOCR with the assistance of Dwayne Jenkins will contact every homeowner association surrounding MCDC again to seek their designation of a member to attend the regularly scheduled RNAC meetings. DOCR does this because we believe it not because it is required or mandated. It also speaks to continuing a dialogue and to the outreach priorities of County Executive Leggett. .

Next Meeting: April 29, 2008, 7:30a.m.
Montgomery County Detention Center
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