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Visiting Inmates and Residents

If you are visiting or talking to an inmate on the phone and they sound depressed, may be thinking of harming themselves and you feel it may be a life safety issue, such as the potential for suicide or other serious concern, please call 240-773-9704 and ask to speak to a shift supervisor immediately.

si está visitando o hablando con un recluso por teléfono y suena deprimido, puede estar pensando en hacerse daño y cree que puede ser un problema de seguridad de vida, como el potencial de suicidio u otra preocupación seria, llame al 240-773-9704 y pida hablar con un supervisor de turno de inmediato.

Suicide Prevention Information

Visitation Procedures

  • Eligible inmates at the Correctional Facility and inmate workers at the Detention Center are permitted two hourly visits per week, but these may be shortened at the officer's discretion during busy periods to meet operational needs. The visiting week begins on Sunday.
  • Visitors must show a valid state photo ID, driver's license, or other recognized photo ID that lists a place of residence. Passports will be honored if a second form of ID is made available that lists a home  residence.
  • Visitors must be 18 years of age unless accompanied by parent or guardian.
  • Visitors must be dressed appropriately.  No halter tops, half shirts and/or tube tops, see-thru blouses, skirts above mid-thigh (hem length), tight clothing that reveals body contour, clothing that is very short, clothing that exposes the midriff area, significant portions of the torso or shoulders, extremely low cut shirts of any type, torn clothing that exposes underwear, spandex clothing of any type (i.e. jogging attire), headwear of any type that partially conceals the identity of a person, and any other clothing that is otherwise clearly inappropriate as determined by facility staff.
Please Contact the visiting desk prior to a visit to be sure there have not been any last minute changes to schedule.

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