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Adopt-a-Field (AAF) Information

The Montgomery County Public School’s (MCPS) Department of Facilities Management will potentially be entering an Adopt-a-Field (AAF) agreement at the site indicated below:
  • Taylor Center - 19501 White Ground Road, Boyds, MD
Also, as a point of information, existing AAF agreements at Westover Elementary and Bethesda Elementary have been extended due to the scheduled/ongoing construction at these sites that has and will continue to impact field use.
The Parks Department has opted not to allocate any additional fields at this time for AAF programming.
Existing field users have expressed interest in entering into such an agreement with MCPS and the Parks Department. However, pursuant to guidelines developed jointly by MCPS, The Parks Department and the Office of Community Use of Public Facilities (CUPF), which outlines a protocol for AAF programs, all field users are to be apprised of potential new AAF agreements and of any agreements that stand to be renewed, so that any interested entity might also submit an application to adopt fields. 
Please review the following documents:
If you would like hard copies of these documents, you can obtain them at the CUPF main office, which is located at 255 Rockville Pike, Suite 201, Rockville, MD 20850.
Upon review of proposals submitted for adoption of MCPS fields, a selection committee comprised of MCPS staff and a representative of CUPF will review all proposals based on the criteria outlined and will make a selection. If necessary in order to clarify responses or to make a final selection from among fully responsive proposals, the selection committee might request interviews with one or more of the entities.
The following is the timeline forsubmission of proposals, their review and the awarding of agreements:

September 28, 2017 (by 5 PM) - Fully completed applications and supporting documents are submitted to the CUPF Main Office at 255 Rockville Pike, Suite 201 in Rockville
On or about October 2, 2017, the AAF selection committees will potentially award AAF agreements to selected candidates.  Field owners reserve the right to revise this schedule, defer awarding agreements or revise their choice to have fields adopted.  
In order to be considered fully responsive, youmust submit the completed application and all supporting documents referencedin the application, together with two professional letters of reference insupport of your overall application.
For Questions about the award process, you may contact a member of the CUPF Field Team at 240-777-2711.  For questions related to MCPS maintenancerequirements, please contact Samantha Harris at 240-314-1071.



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