Emergency/Closings Information

Montgomery County Public Schools Emergency Webpage

Quick Reference Guide on Closing Notifications

After-Hours Help Line: (lock-out, locating building staff, heat/AC, inclement weather, or other problem)

Call or text 240-490-CUPF (2873) (Available Monday-Friday after 5pm and Weekends)

Call the main line at 240-777-2725 during normal business hours for non-urgent needs.

School and County Buildings closings:

Monday-Friday AFTER 5:00 pm & weekends, Call MC311.
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Field Weather-Related Closures:

Please see:  RainOutLine : Parks and MCPS Athletic Field Notifications

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Check the number(s) printed on your permit

Listen to public radio and TV announcements


For decisions about sports programs offered by the  Montgomery County Recreation Department ,
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2:00 p.m. on weekdays and 7:00 a.m. on weekends.

AlertMontgomery includes a variety of alert selection options including traffic, weather, and homeland security. In addition to closings announced by CUPF, you can also elect to receive notices from MCPS, M-NCPPC, Montgomery College, County Recreation and more.

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Closing Policy and Procedures


Montgomery County Public Schools and CUPF will announce closings as soon as they are advised by weather professionals and highway officials that there may be hazardous driving conditions. Closings and notifications are as follows:

Monday through Friday community use activities in schools will automatically be cancelled when schools are closed early or for the entire day

  • Delayed School Openings: When schools open late, morning Community Use of school buildings will be cancelled. Afternoon activities may continue as scheduled, depending on weather conditions.

Cancellation of childcare programs follows the cancellation schedule for MCPS administrative offices.

  • If MCPS schools have a two hour delayed opening and Administrative/Central Offices open on time, childcare providers may enter the building at their “normal” i.e. 6:30 a.m. or 7:00 a.m. hours of operation.
  • If MCPS schools have a two hour delayed opening and Administrative/Central Offices have a two hour delayed opening, childcare providers may enter the building at 9:00 a.m..
  • If MCPS schools are closed and Administrative/Central Offices are on a two or three hour delayed opening, all shared space childcare providers may enter the building at 10:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. respectively which reflects a normal 8:30 a.m. start time
  • If MCPS schools and Administrative/Central Offices are closed, shared space and MCPS childcare programs are cancelled.

 If schools complete the day and weather worsens by early afternoon, a decision will be made by  CUPF’s Director regarding use after regular school hours and information will be announced.

Weekend and holiday activities: the Community Use of Public Facilities Office will announce cancellation decisions.

*NOTE: If Saturday events are cancelled, do not assume that Sunday events will also be cancelled. Separate decisions and announcements will be made for each day.

Closing Notifications

Monday-Friday AFTER 5:00 pm & weekends, cal MC311

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EOB, COB, Libraries, Regional Centers & SSCB

MCPS and the County Government follow different procedures and criteria for inclement weather closings. Cancellation of community use activities in schools does not necessarily include the cancellation of the above mentioned government facilities, which occurs infrequently. Although rare, please note that all activities are cancelled if the Montgomery County Government is closed. Announcement of liberal leave for County government employees does not imply automatic cancellation of community activities.

  •  Cancellation of weekday community activities (use after 5:00 p.m.)

  - If during the course of any weekday, the weather changes and cancellation is necessary, the  CUPF Director will make and announce the decision.

  • Cancellation of weekend (Saturdays and Sundays) community activities

  - A decision will normally be made by CUPF’s Director by 7:00 a.m., unless the weather worsens through the day. If cancellation is necessary, CUPF will post an announcement.

  • During inclement weather, please check the website or call the above numbers as the media may or may not include the government buildings in their cancellation announcements.
  • All community use activities in County buildings will be cancelled if the County  Government Closes.

Indoor Use Refunds

If your event is cancelled by CUPF because of a school or government building closing, you will receive a full credit to your account. If you would like a refund of that credit or to reschedule the event, please complete a cancellation/adjustment form or send the scheduler an email.

The ICB's philosophy regarding cancellations has always been to keep facilities open to the public to the extent possible, taking into consideration safety and security issues, with the understanding that groups can cancel use based on their own comfort level; however, no credit will be given.

Closing Notifications

Monday-Friday AFTER 5:00 pm & weekends, call MC311

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Natural Grass Fields

All play on any park or school natural grass athletic field is prohibited whenever:

  • The field is closed for renovation or repair;
  • Water is standing on the field;
  • One half inch of rain or more has fallen within the previous 24 hours;
  • Soil is frozen;
  • Soil is wet and "spongy";
  • The ground is muddy and soil clumps or clings to shoes;
  • Steady rain is falling;
  • A lightning/electrical storm is occurring;
  • The field is deemed unplayable by MOPS, CUPF, Park staff or Park Police; or
  • The field is closed for seasonal rest or preparation (all Local Park athletic fields are closed for play from December 1 - March 14, Recreational / Regional Park athletic fields are closed for play from December 1 - March 31 and August 1 - August 15).

IMPORTANT NOTE : Always remember that playing on a field under any of the conditions listed above can damage the field and make it unplayable, for everyone, for the rest of the season.

Artificial Turf Fields

All play on any park or school artificial turf athletic field is prohibited whenever:

  • A lightning/electrical storm is occurring; or
  • Heavy snow is falling.

*If the surface temperature on an artificial turf field is excessive, please vacate the field and notify CUPF at the time you are leaving to be eligible for a credit.

Closing Notifications

Athletic fields (excluding fields located within Rockville city limits)

Contact the M-NCPPC/CUPF inclement weather line at 301-765-8787 to determine if your field is open or closed. Rainout number recordings are updated by 2:00 p.m. on weekdays and 7:00 a.m. on weekends.

School fields within Rockville city limits

Contact the City of Rockville inclement weather line at 240-314-5055 to determine if your field is open or closed at the following schools:

Beall Elementary,    College Gardens Elementary,   Fallsmead Elementary,   Robert Frost Middle
Hungerford Park ES (Children’s Resource Center),    Lakewood Elementary,   Maryvale Elementary
Meadow Hall Elementary,   Montrose Elementary (Lourie Center),     North Lake Center (Farmland ES at North Lake Center)
Randolph Junior High (Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School),    Rock Terrace School,   Carl Sandburg Learning Center
Twinbrook Elementary,    Julius West Middle

Field Refunds - MNCPPC (Montgomery Parks) and School Fields

Permitted users may apply for refunds for any cancellation of scheduled time at schools, Recreation Centers or Park fields due to inclement weather in accordance with local and regional park closures. Refund request must include Permit number, rain-out date, and field location. Requested refund dates will be validated with field closure records maintained by CUPF, M-NCPPC, and the City of Rockville. Field users may choose to receive refunds for amounts over $10 or maintain credits on their accounts; amounts under $10 will be credited to the permitted user’s account. Account balances will be reconciled at the end of the season.

Refund requests must be submitted according to the following table below:

Scheduled Field Time Refund Submission Dates

March 15 - June 30        ----         No later than July 15

July 1 - November 30      ----         No later than December 15