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Community Use of Public Facilities
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In January 2015 the Board of Education approved Executive Regulation 15-14 AMVdelegating authority to the Interagency Coordinating Board (ICB) and the Community Use of Public Facilities to administer the before- and after- school child-care program in Montgomery County Public Schools, including the selection and scheduling process.


FY16-17 Childcare Bid Awardees




Fees and Application

Permit fees vary according to a number of factors: type of room, type of day, staffing needs and so on. See our fee schedule for current rates.

Resources for Incumbants' use only:

sdfs  Before and After School Scheduling Request Form
sdfs  Emergency and Inclement Weather School Closing Schedule
sdfs  Facility Use License Agreement

Cancellation Policy

Refunds are given only if ICB receives notification at least 14 calendar days prior to the activity date. $25.00 is assessed per cancellation/adjustment.





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Childcare Resources

Projected Bid Cycles for Before and After School Childcare
Before and After School Childcare Bid Process & Timeline
Before and After School Childcare By School and Provider 
Childcare Selection Guidelines
Childcare Providers Resources
MSDE Early Childhood Development 
DHHS Infants, Kids, & Teen Services
MCPS Real Estate Management
DPS Use & Occupancy Permits
Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Trainers
Tips for successfully sharing space in school