MCPS Partnership and Reimbursements

The Interagency Coordinating Board (ICB) sets policy and has overall oversight of community use. Its members include major decision makers in the County, including the Superintendent, President of the BOA, two principals, among others. The Office of the Community Use of Public Facilities (CUPF) provides staff support to the ICB and implements the community use program. CUPF has 3 offices: Rockville, Upcounty Government Center and Silver Spring Civic Building.

  • CUPF books more than a million hours of use each year
  • Inventory includes 17,000 facility units in hundreds of locations
  • Locations include schools, libraries, Regional Service Centers, other County buildings, Silver Spring Civic Buildings, fields (park and schools, grass and artificial turf)
  • No tax dollars support the Community Use program - fully supported by Enterprise Fund
  • 95% of user groups are non-profit
  • CUPF books more than a million hours of use each year

  65% of CUPF’s Annual Budget of $11.6 million

ICB/CUPF Payments to MCPS Chart - MCPS Staff (51%), MCPS Utilities (27%), School Maintenance (10%), School Field Renovation (7%), Artificial Turf Maintenance (1%), School Equipment return (1%), school custodial supplies (3%)



  • 310,000 in 2001 for security gates
  • $18,000 in 2001 for security cameras
  • Mandatory training for more than 10.000 user groups starting in 2001
  • $ 210,000 annually to administer the before and after school childcare bid process delegated to CUPF by the Board of Education
Weekend/evening coverage
  • $205,000 Two ICB Weekend Supervisors
  • $14,000 Lines installed in 58 secondary schools,
  • $21,000 annually for “all-call” lines
  • $100,000 Cost for MCPS Energy Management Specialist
Fields Investments
  • Renovations and maintenance
    • $1,000,000 in 2000, 2001, and 2002
    • $500,000 in 2017;
    • $250,000 in 2018 and another possible $250,000 in 2019
  • $30,000 bilingual signs