Facility Reservation - Clarksburg Cottage

Previously known as the "Clarksburg Ombudsman's Office", the Clarksburg Cottage is a 1,350 square foot facility located just off of I-270 at Routes 121 and 355 in the Highlands of Clarksburg community. The facility is available year round.

Facility Amenities

  • One large meeting room seating up to 35 people and a smaller office/meeting area with a partition only (no solid wall between the two spaces)
  • Tables and chairs for about 35 persons that may be configured to your liking
  • A single handicap accessible restroom
  • This is a self-service venue
  • There are use instructions posted on the interior door, and cleaning supplies, paper towels, trash can liners, broom, mop, bucket and toilet paper supplies in the janitorial closet


Local Government agencies $15.00 per hour
Local Non-profit groups * $20.00 per hour
Out-of-County or For-profit groups $40.00 per hour

* Montgomery County based non-profit organizations

Facility Use Subsidy Program

For information on how to apply to the Facility Use Subsidy Program, please visit the Facility Fee Assistance Program (FFAP) web page.

Activity Restrictions

  • The Clarksburg Cottage is suitable for meetings and general gatherings. 
  • Private events such as birthday parties, weddings, reception, etc. are not permitted at this facility.
  • Light snacks and drinks are permitted; however, it is not conducive to large meals, banquets, etc. 

Apply for Use Permit


Submission Window

Submission Period Season
November 15 - November 30 for use Jan 1 through Jun 30
May 15 - May 30 for use July 1 through Dec 31