Waste Reduction & Recycling

Fleet Management Services has made great strides in reducing waste in our operations.

Some examples of our efforts include:

- Use of microbial parts washers – no solvents – no hazardous waste

- Substituted aerosol spray cans with refillable pump spray cans for brake cleaner, engine cleaner, glass cleaner, etc.

- Substituted hazardous chemical products with more environmentally-friendly, lower VOC products – less or no hazardous waste and healthier employees

- Puncture and recycle metal aerosol product cans

- Recycle scrap metal

- Recycle antifreeze, used oil, oil filters, batteries, scrap tires, etc.

- Recycle fluorescent light tubes

-Collect and properly dispose of mercury-containing switches and thermostats

-Regularly train employees concerning pollution prevention