Landlord issues related to COVID-19 crisis

Landlords Working with Renters 

COVID Rent Relief:

Rent Increase Notices:

  • The County law limiting rent increase notices to the VRG and providing waivers for late fees expired at midnight on May 15, 2022. Beginning May 16, the County does not have any restriction on the rent increase percentage. We encourage landlords to minimize rent increases as much as possible and to work with tenants during this difficult time. 

  • Landlords must give at least 90 days’ notice prior to any rent increase and must offer a 2-year renewal or give the tenant a written reason why it is not being offered. For example, a rent increase notice given on June 1, 2022 does not take effect until September 1, 2022. More information about rent increase notices and late fee requirements can be found below and in the Landlord Tenant handbook.

Support Organizations helping renters apply for benefits & negotiate payment plans

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‚Äč Montgomery County Office of Landlord-Tenant Affairs: 311 (240-777-0311) or email [email protected]

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