Landlord issues related to COVID-19 crisis

This page provides information about resources and supports for landlords working with renters, along with other COVID-related information. 

Landlords Working with Renters 

To support landlords and tenants, Montgomery County has an initiative underway, with resources at, to:

  • Encourage renters who are behind on their rent to apply for rental assistance and contact their landlord to discuss possible payment arrangements; 
  • Help renters understand resources available to assist them in working with their landlord to maintain their housing; and, 
  • Help renters understand the Landlord Tenant court process in the context of their continuing obligations to make rent payments.

New $59 million of COVID Rent Relief program - Phase 3  is available to be paid to landlords to credit rent accounts for tenants. 

The County is encouraging tenants who are behind on their rent to apply for short-term rent assistance and understand that rent assistance is limited and it is important to work with their landlord on making rent payments and developing a payment plan, if able. If you have tenants who need help in applying for benefits and negotiating payment plans, you may refer them to one of the Support Organizations listed on this page.

Landlords can play a critical role in identifying tenants in need of assistance and collaborating with them in applying for rent assistance. Payments for back rent cannot be made to landlords after the tenant has left the unit.

Information Session for Landlords - $59 million in rental assistance available

Support Organizations are helping renters apply for benefits & negotiate payment plans:

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