Renters: Avoiding Eviction & Working with Landlords

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This page has information about the Court schedule; your rights and options for avoiding eviction; where to go for support and information; and, how to apply for rent assistance.

You can also get your questions answered by calling one of the Support Organizations listed here or by joining an online Tenant Town Hall:

We are here for you

Montgomery County offers tenants help in avoiding eviction. If you have concerns or are struggling to pay rent, reach out to us, or one of the support organizations listed below, to talk about your specific situation.

We can help you:

  • understand your rights and options (and how to use them);
  • tell you about resources that may be available to you;
  • offer support in navigating the challenges you face;
  • guide you in working with your landlord; and
  • help you respond to any eviction notice you might receive (and recognize there are different types of notices and you can only be evicted with a judgment by from the courts). Ideally, it’s best for you to get advice and begin to act on it well before your day in court.

Remember that rent remains due. Making rent payments, even partial payments, or entering into a repayment agreement with your landlord can help you maintain your home.

If you are falling behind on your rent, reach out to your landlord to discuss options, such as partial payments or an agreement for future payments.

Support Organizations

To learn your rights and options, get support in working with your landlord to negotiate a payment plan, know what to expect in court, prepare for your court hearing, and more, contact these organizations:

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