Sidewalks/Curbs - Driveway Apron Replacement Information

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation's Division of Highway Services has adopted a policy to provide residents with an option to replace deteriorated driveway aprons while roadway or concrete rehabilitation projects within the neighborhood are underway. Normally, a newsletter is sent out at the beginning of these large scale projects highlighting this policy.  These services are provided by our contractor at the County's contract price. The estimates are priced by the square foot and the total cost is based on the unit price, which is established during the County's procurement process.

The driveway apron is that portion of the driveway within the public right-of-way, generally from the curb section of the roadway to the front edge of the sidewalk, or to the property line. Driveway aprons are for the sole purpose of providing ingress and egress between private property and the public right-of-way. Since the apron benefits only the private property owner and not the general public, County policy requires that the private property owner be responsible for the maintenance of the apron and any existing drainage pipe beneath the apron.

As a result of the policy, a Highway Services' inspector will determine whether your apron qualifies you to exercise this replacement option. He/she will then leave a notice on your door with instructions regarding your participation. If there is no notice left at your door and you believe your apron should be replaced, you may request that an inspector examine the apron at your residence. You may either contact the inspector in your neighborhood while the work is taking place or call the Montgomery County 311 Service Center by dialing 311 on your phone.

Should the property owner elect to participate in any further improvements outside of the County owned Right-of-Way, they must obtain all appropriate permits from the Department of Permitting Services.  The Department of Permitting Services website is located here.