Roadway and Related Maintenance

Routine Field Maintenance Activities include: bridge maintenance; road patching (filling potholes, full depth repairs, skin patching and crack sealing); road resurfacing with either asphalt or slurry seal; shoulder maintenance and storm drain maintenance, including erosion repairs, roadway ditch and channel repairs, cleaning enclosed storm drains, and installation and repair of damaged pipes. Other related activities include: grass mowing; guardrail replacement; street cleaning/sweeping; and maintenance of curbs, gutters, and sidewalks.

Pavement Management is the sum of all activities undertaken to provide and maintain serviceable roadways. This includes regular evaluation countywide, preventive maintenance and some forms of reactive maintenance, as well as minor rehabilitation projects. Pavement management will result in improved roadway system ratings, help ensure the full service life cycle of the pavement and provide a much higher rate of return on the original investment. It is keeping good roads in good condition.

Large-scale reconstruction, resurfacing, or repair projects are scheduled each Fiscal Year, depending on funding availability. Such projects include Primary and Arterial Road resurfacing, Residential Street resurfacing and maintenance of street curb and gutter and sidewalks adjacent to publicly maintained streets. To view the current schedules for these programs, please follow appropriate links listed below. The Division of Highway Services performs emergency repair work as needed. Examples of emergency repair work include: potholes, blocked storm drains and other problems that may present a public safety concern. You can report issues in need of attention by contacting MC311.

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