Primary/Arterial Roads Resurfacing Programs

The Primary/Arterial Roads Resurfacing Programs are instituted to protect and maintain the County’s primary roadway transportation infrastructure. The scope of work includes milling, repair, bituminous concrete resurfacing, patching and revitalization. Roadway resurfacing is the process of applying a new wearing surface on County-maintained roadways throughout the County. Once a project is completed, it is removed from the below list.

2022 CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS: September 15, 2022
Click on any linked road name to read or download a Project Newsletter describing the scope of the project.

Check back periodically as projects get added or scheduled. This schedule may be changed and substitutions may be made at any time due to weather or operational reasons.

Road Name Construction Activity Construction Season Project Status
Glen Rd Primary/Arterial Resurfacing ‚ÄčSummer/Fall 2022 50%
Rock Springs Drive Primary/Arterial Resurfacing Summer/Fall 2022 95%
Father Hurley Blvd Bridge Approaches Repair at HWY-270 Patching Summer/Fall 2022 0%
Turkey Foot Road Primary/Arterial Resurfacing Summer/Fall 2022 0%
Century Blvd Primary/Arterial Resurfacing Summer/Fall 2022 0%

1  TBD = Schedule for this project To Be Determined at a later date.

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Full-Depth Permanent Patching
Hot Mix Asphalt Paving