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To see the Leaf Collection Map CLICK HERE.

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Area - One of 15 numbered Leaf Collection Areas in the Leaf Collection District. The Area and Sub-Area will be noted on Posters in the appropriate neighborhoods (5A, 12C, 9B, etc.).

Sub-Area - Each Leaf Collection Area contains several Sub-Areas designated by letters (A, B, C, etc.)

Collection Sequence - the order in which the Sub-Areas are collected within the Area, not necessarily in alphabetical order.         
Date Sign Posted - the date that the sign was put on the pole.         
Planned Start (Round 1 or Round 2) NOTE- The signs that are posted in neighborhoods do not have dates on them. They have the Collection Area on them, such as 4D. Residents are directed to this web page to get the planned collection start date.This is the date the collection in your neighborhood should start, not necessarily the actual collection date for your street. Weather, leaf volumes, resource availability and operational needs may affect the actual start date.         
Date Area Started (Round 1 or Round 2) - the date the leaf collection crews actually started in the neighborhood, but not necessarily on your street. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the table to see Round 2 information.

Date Area Ended (Round 1 or Round 2) the date the leaf collection crews actually completed leaf collections in the entire neighborhood. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the table to see Round 2 information.

For more information about Montgomery County's Annual Leaf Collection Program, please CLICK HERE.


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