The Maryland Public Service Commission, which regulates the taxi industry in Maryland, has authorized Montgomery County to regulate local taxicab service. MCDOT provides this oversight to ensure that companies and drivers meet the highest safety, quality and customer service standards.

Drivers and Companies

  • New Drivers
    • Meet Minimum Requirements
      • Have a good driving record, and pass a physical and background check
      • Other requirements specified in Taxicab Driver Application (see link below)
    • Submit Taxicab Driver Application and Obtain Driver ID Card
    • Obtain a Passenger Vehicle License (PVL)
    • Affiliate with a Taxi Company
  • Existing Drivers
    • Renew Driver ID Card
  • Other Company/Driver Requirements
    • Annual Taxicab Inspections
    • PVL Annual Renewal Fee 


  • General Passenger Information  - Every taxicab has an informational poster displayed behind the driver's seat. The poster lists the name and telephone number of the taxicab company, and the taxi’s unique license number.
  • Driver Responsibilities - Drivers should provide professional and courteous service. They must take the most direct route to the customer's destination, charge metered rates, accept any passenger unless the taxicab is engaged or off duty and provide a receipt
  • Customer Responsibilities - Wait for the taxi at the curb or be prepared to come out to the taxicab immediately upon its arrival. Enter and exit the vehicle on the opposite side of the cab from the traffic lane. . Be sure to cancel reservations if the taxicab is not needed.
  • Taxi Companies - The taxicab companies licensed to operate in Montgomery County are:
Taxi Meter Rates
All taxicabs must have meters. Rates for services are regulated and posted in every cab.  All licensed Montgomery County taxicabs charge the same rate. View meter rates. Credit cards are accepted by all taxicabs in Montgomery County in addition to cash.


Laws & Regulations

Links to the governing laws and code are provided for further reference and convenience.

Taxicab Services Commission

The Taxicab Services Commission reviews and evaluates the taxicab industry and provides advice to the County Executive and County Council on taxicab regulation and other issues related to taxi service in the County.