Building Projects at MCPL

The library refurbishment projects are a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) approved by the County Council and the County Executive to allow library buildings to get significant and timely improvements. The Library Refurbishment CIP funds programmatic, cosmetic, and service impact updates to at least one library every year.

Refurbishment Projects

Building Status
Aspen Hill Library Completed
Brigadier General Charles E. McGee Library In Progress
Connie Morella Library Completed
Damascus Library In Progress
Davis Library Completed
Germantown Library Completed
Kensington Park Library Completed
Little Falls Library Completed
Long Branch Library Completed
Maggie Nightingale Library Completed
Marilyn J. Praisner Library Completed
Potomac Library Completed
Quince Orchard Library Completed
Twinbrook Library Completed
Wheaton Library Completed
White Oak Library Completed

Frequently Asked Questions

Which libraries will be refurbished next and when will they close?

Damascus will be refurbished next. The closure date is dependent on completion of design plans, bidding the construction contract, and obtaining the necessary construction permits.

Why does the library need to close during construction?

The building needs to close because it will be a construction site. Among other things, bathrooms will be refurbished (and therefore not available for use), walls will be painted and new carpeting will be laid. In some cases there will be interior walls removed. It will not be a safe environment for the public.

What is going to be done?

The specific work for each project will vary, depending on the needs of the facility and community. However, work that will be similar in each project includes:

  • Painting and recarpeting public areas
  • Updating bathroom floors, walls, and toilet stall partitions
  • Replacing carpet in the meeting room with tile
  • Modifying and/or relocating the service desk(s)
  • Improving the flow of shelving
  • Addressing building envelope issues

How are the refurbishment projects being paid for?

Funds for the refurbishment projects come from Level of Effort project funds in the Library Department’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The Division of Facilities Management and the ADA Compliance Office have funding for projects they will undertake.

Where can I go for library services while my local branch is closed?

There are 21 library branches in Montgomery County, and each has a book collection and talented staff to help you in all the ways you have come to expect. In addition, the library has online services, including e-books, informational databases, and language learning tools, that can be used 24/7 by anyone with a MCPL library card and Internet connection. For assistance in managing your account during the closed period of your local branch, call any open library branch or submit a Comment and Suggestion form.

If you have questions about the library refurbishment projects, please call 240-777-0002 or submit a Comment and Suggestion form.