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About the Montgomery County Library Board

The Library Board makes recommendations to the County Executive on matters affecting the public library system, such as the location of new library facilities, the adequacy of book collections, services to outlying districts,and personnel needs of Montgomery County Public Libraries.

The Montgomery County Library Board has twelve members appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council, plus a thirteenth ex-officio member representing the School Board.

Meetings are generally held on the second Wednesday of each month, except in July and August, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Consult the calendar for exact dates. Meetings take place in the library's administrative offices at 21 Maryland Avenue, Suite 310, in Rockville.

Members serve up to two 3-year terms without compensation. Three members' terms expire each fall, although sometimes positions become vacant at other times. Vacancies and application procedures are announced in county newspapers, at the libraries, on the library website, and to local organizations.

Twenty-three subcommittees of the Library Board, called Library Advisory Committees (LAC), represent each library branch, the Correctional Center, the Disability Resource Center, and the Children's Resource Collection. Library Advisory Committee membership applications can be requested at the libraries. LAC members serve up to two 3-year terms, and membership must be approved by the Library Board. Board members serve as liaisons to branch LACs, attending meetings and reporting the concerns of the LACs to the Library Board.

For more information, please contact Regina Holyfield-Jewett at 240-777-0016,, or write to Director's Office, Montgomery County Public Libraries, 21 Maryland Avenue, Suite 310, Rockville, Maryland 20850.


Board Member 1st or 2nd Term and End Date Liaison / Region
Mr. Art Brodsky Partial, 2018 Bethesda/IV
Marilyn Praisner/III
Ms. Deborah H. Brooks 1st, 2017 Aspen Hill/I
Chevy Chase/III
Mr. Jensen Chiu,
Vice Chair
1st, 2019 Olney/III
Ms. Andrea Christman N/A MCPS Ex-Officio School Board Representative
Ms. Kimberly Durcho 1st, 2019 Kensington Park/III
Silver Spring/I
Dr. William Duval 1st, 2019 Rockville Memorial/I
Mr. Nabil Makar 1st, 2019 Damascus/IV
Ms. Antoinette Negro 1st, 2018 Noyes/II
Quince Orchard/II
Ms. Kathleen Reedy,
2nd, 2018 Accessibility
Mr. Brandon Rippeon Partial, 2017 Germantown/II
Mr. Michael T. Wallace, Partial, 2017 Little Falls/III
Long Branch/IV
Ms. Jane Williams Partial, 2017 Wheaton/II
White Oak/IV
Mr. Tanner Wray N/A Ex-Officio Montgomery College
Montgomery County Correctional Facility/II


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