Thermal cameras allow you to inspect your home with infrared technology using your smartphone. Find insulation, heating and water problems around your home using the phone attachment with the FLIR ONE app. Available for both Apple and Android devices. Android devices come with a USB adapter for older phone models.

thermal image of door

Short-term Projects

Short-term projects use inexpensive equipment that can be found at your local hardware store. Many homeowners will feel comfortable performing these upgrades themselves. Examples include -

  • Drafty Doors
  • Leaky Windows
  • Leaky Outlets
  • Electronics on Standby

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thermal image of uninsulated foundation

Long-term Projects

Long-term projects are often performed by a contractor that specializes in energy auditing or insulation. Many homeowners will not feel comfortable performing this type of renovation themselves. Examples include -

  • Inadequate Insulation
  • Uninsulated Foundation
  • Uninsulated Crawlspace
  • Leaky Duct

Borrow A Thermal Camera Learn More

Borrowing a thermal camera

  • Borrowers must be at least 14 of age - with library cards.
  • One thermal camera per library account may be checked out.
  • Customers must present their library card and a valid (not expired) photo ID to the circulation staff. Once checked out to the customer, it becomes the responsibility of the customer
  • Thermal cameras can be checked out for 14 days.
  • Loans may not be renewed.
  • Items are marked lost and billed to a customer's account 21 days past the due date.
  • Reserve a thermal camera:
    • Customers can place a hold at any library or through the library catalog.
    • Holds must be picked up within 10 days.
    • Thermal cameras can be picked up at any branch selected by customer.

Pick-up the thermal camera

Thermal cameras can be picked up at any MCPL library.

Customers can pick up the thermal cameras at the circulation desk of the libraries.

Returning the thermal camera

Thermal cameras need to be returned in person to the circulation desk, where a MCPL staff member will check the status of the camera to ensure all items have been returned and are in good status.

Thermal cameras can be returned to any MCPL library

They cannot be returned in the book drop


At 21 days past due, camera is marked lost and customer is billed full replacement cost for a thermal camera that is not returned.

Damaged devices or parts will be charged at the cost of the part:

  • Camera: $200.00 or $799.00 (Thermal camera FLIR C5), depending on your model
  • Outer hard case: $40.00
  • Charging cord: $10.00
  • Little hard case: $10.00
  • USB adapter: $5.00