Our Authority

In 1997, the County Council for Montgomery County passed legislation to create the Inspector General’s Office to serve as a watchdog to detect and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in County government operations. The County's first Inspector General was appointed in April 1998.

The specific goals, authority, and duties of the Office are found in Montgomery County Code, §2-151.

On January 24, 2020, County bill No. 40-19 amended the law governing staffing of the Office of the Inspector General.


The County Council appoints an Inspector General selected from a list of qualified nominees submitted to the Council by an Inspector General Nominating Panel consisting of 3 to 5 County residents.

The Inspector General serves for a term of 4 years, which begins on July 1 of the third year after an Executive and Council are elected, and ends on June 30 of the third year after the next Executive and Council are elected. An Inspector General serves no more than two full 4-year terms, not including any time served as Inspector General to complete an unexpired term.

The Inspector General may, subject to appropriation and all applicable merit system laws and regulations, appoint as term employees the staff of the Office of the Inspector General. The term of each employee ends when the next Inspector General takes office. The Inspector General may also, subject to appropriation, retain project staff or other consultants by contract.