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Hearing Examiner Reports for Special Exception and Conditional Use Cases

The Office of Zoning and Administrative Hearings (OZAH) conducts the public hearings in all Special Exception and Conditional Use cases.  OZAH also makes the final decision in Conditional Use cases, but parties may make a timely request to the Board of Appeals for oral argument, if they disagree with OZAH's decision. Reports and Decisions in Special Exception and Conditional Use cases heard by OZAH are listed below.

Direct contacts with the assigned Hearing Examiner, in the absence of the other parties of record, or with Board of Appeals members about land use matters pending before the Hearing Examiner or the Board of Appeals are prohibited by law as “ ex parte” communications. For an explanation of this restriction see Ex Parte Communications.

Case No. Case Name Date of Report
CU 15-06 Application of Maryland Catering, Inc. (Order Dismissing Case) Dec. 22, 2017
CU 17-17 Application of Bank of America, National Association Dec. 8, 2017
CU 17-14 Robin Rice Child Day Care Center Oct. 4, 2017
CU 17-15 DBVR Rockville LP d/b/a Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort Sept. 21, 2017
CU 17-03  Application of Potomac Foods Real Estate, LLC Jul. 25, 2017
CU 17-13 Application of Tenenholz/Gomez (Accessory Apartment) Jul. 18, 2017
CU 17-07  Application of Trudy Ann Mitchell-Gillkey (Accessory Apartment) Jul. 3, 2017
SE 89-11 Toomey Revocation Order Jun. 19, 2017
SE 97-1 Clemens Revocation Order Jun. 16, 2017
ZAS-711 Gardner Revocation Order Jun. 16, 2017
SE 85-4 Carducci Revocation Order May 26, 2017
CU 16-07 Weiser, Allowing Withdrawal of Minor Amendment Application May 26, 2107
CU 17-11 Application of Namalie Bentota (d/b/a Playpen4Kids) May 12, 2017
CU 17-12 Application of the Korean Community Center of Greater Washington May 5, 2017
CU 16-07 Administrative Modification - Hannah Weiser  Apr. 24, 2017
CU 17-10 Application of Damaris Tovar Apr. 14, 2017
CU 17-09 Application of Veenu Duggal Apr. 14, 2017
CU 17-08 Application of Lillian Flores Apr. 5, 2017
CU 17-02  Application of Arden Courts of Germantown, LLC
Mar. 22, 2017
CU 17-05 Application of Tatiana Meteleva/Playful Discoveries Mar. 22, 2017
Application of Friend's House Mar. 21, 2017
CU 17-06  Application of Starbucks Corporation Mar. 9, 2017
CU 17-04 Application of Parkview at Aspen Hill, LLP Jan. 25, 2017
CU 17-02 Application of Arden Courts of Germantown, LLC  Jan. 13, 2017
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