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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Board of Appeals is to assist the public in understanding, and to hear and decide, in a quasi-judicial setting, inquiries and applications that arise mainly under Chapter 59 of the Montgomery County Code, but also under various other Code Sections, for variances, administrative appeals of certain decisions of County agencies, and for oral argument on conditional use decisions or modification of special exceptions.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Board

The Board of Appeals has authority to hear and decide cases involving certain land use issues, including modification of special exceptions filed or decided before October 30, 2014, and variances from the development standards or other requirements of the Zoning Ordinance. The Board also hears and decides Administrative Appeals from actions by the County government (as specified by the County Code). The Board applies the Zoning Ordinance Standards applicable to all such cases. The Board has County-wide jurisdiction, except for the municipal corporations of Brookeville, Poolesville, Laytonsville, Rockville, Barnesville, Gaithersburg and Washington Grove.

Links to Applicable Codes:


2018 Opinions

Opinion Date Petitioner/s Case No.
1/04/18 Reza Hosseini A-6546
2/14/18 Ted Morgan A-6547
2/23/18 Pui and  Ting Cheung Woo A-6543
2/23/18 Charles D. Ressin A-6544
3/08/18 Francesca Goodall A-6549
3/15/18 Zak Elyasi A-6551
4/05/18 John O'Neill, Jr. A-6553
4/12/18 Kevyn Orr and Donna Neale A-6557
4/13/18 Dr. Allen Church A-6556
4/19/18 Zachary Coombs A-6555
4/26/18 Leonard Romano A-6552
5/09/18 Wilfredo Huillca A-6561
5/24/18 Malcolm Friar A-6563
5/31/18 Keith and Donna Riley A-6564
6/01/18 Christopher Carter A-6559
6/06/18 Gayle Girod A-6562
6/08/18 Craig and Karen Holcomb A-6565
6/15/18 Larry J. and Sharon J. Crews A-6550
6/21/18 The Heights School A-6568
6/28/18 Margaret S. Shorten A-6567
6/29/18 Johannes and Kerstin Staguhn et al A-6560
7/17/18 Malcolm Burke A-6566
7/17/18 Anthony Destefano A-6570
8/07/18 US Zen Institute, Inc. A-6572
9/06/18 Stephen McGarry A-6571
9/14/18 Shereen Arent and Brian Wolfman A-6576
9/26/18 Bradley and Jody Thayer A-6580
9/27/18 David and Patricia Reichman A-6578
10/10/18 John R. Olszewski A-6581
10/16/18 Joanne Fradkin A-6574
10/16/18 Marysol Bonilla A-6584
10/17/18 Mark W. Abbott and Demetra Aposporos A-6582
10/25/18 Maria Emma Cruz A-6579
11/1/18 Lynn Kathryn Laning A-6577
11/2/18 Amy Ross & Robert Wilkoff A-6585
11/5/18 Nancy Liebermann & Joseph Godless A-6586
11/6/18 Jessica Norris A-6587
11/13/18 Harold R. Faucon A-6573
11/15/18 Paul Baines A-6589
11/15/18 Bernadett Jolles A-6591
11/16/18 JRK Construction LLC A-6583
11/16/18 Maryam Hashemian and Jafar Javan, Trustees A-6590
11/30/18 Tiemoko Coulibaly A-6592
12/6/18 Michael D. & Diane M. Maizel A-6588
12/6/18 Thomas E. Skilton A-6593
12/21/18 Joseph Cholka A-6594
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