Animal Services Advisory Committee

Join the June 6th 2024 ASAC Meeting - Click here to join the meeting or call in (audio only) +1 443-692-5768, ID:  936055171#


Mo. Co. Code Section 5-105


The purpose of the Montgomery County Animal Services Advisory Committee is to, in partnership with the Office of Animal Services, advise the County Council and the County Executive on issues pertaining to animal care and welfare, animal rescue, animal fostering and adoption, control of the animal population, animal bite prevention, zoonotic disease transmission, educating the public on safely coexisting with wildlife, best practices for animal shelters now and in the future, recruiting volunteers, and any other issues related to the operation of the County's Office of Animal Services (OAS).


The Committee has 11 voting members and 3 ex-officio non-voting members. View Council Bill 37-21 to learn about the composition, terms and duties of the ASAC committee members.

Committee Members

Appointed Members

Ex Officio Non-Voting Members

Kimberly Haden
[email protected]
ASAC Position: Non-profit organization that provides
animal fostering services in the County
Caroline Hairfield, Executive Director
Office of Animal Services
[email protected]
Position Vacant

Representing an animal rescue organization in the County
Dr. Gregory Lawrence, Chief Veterinarian
Office of Animal Services
[email protected]
Position Vacant

Licensed veterinarian with pet and wildlife experience
Bonnie White, Business Operations Manager
Office of Animal Services
[email protected]
Victoria Thomas, Vice Chair
[email protected]
Representing Montgomery County Cat Coalition (MCCC)
Sandra Yuen
[email protected]
Recruiting, training, and retaining volunteers
Jennifer Hughes
[email protected]
Representing Montgomery County Partners for Animal Well-Being (MCPAW)
Position Vacant

Representing Friends of Montgomery County Animals (FMCA) - or similar organization
Jan Armstrong
[email protected]
Public Member who lives or works in the County
Melissa Rubin, Chair
[email protected]
Public Member who lives or works in the County
Elizabeth Mullen
[email protected]
Expertise in animal or pet behavior
Maureen Smith
[email protected]
Representing Second Chance Wildlife Center (SCWC)

Meeting Information

Currently, the Animal Services Advisory Committee meets monthly in-person, in Derwood, MD or virtually via Teams at the following link: Teams Link

Meeting agenda documents are listed below.

Meeting Schedule


Animal Services Group

Members: Sandra Yuen - Chair, Jennifer Hughes, Linda McMakin, Sandra Yuen, Stephanie Arrington, OAS Staff – Spencer Kelly & Faith Koleszar 

  1. Volunteers and volunteering
  2. Surrendering Animals and Surrendering Prevention
  3. Foster Program
  4. Animal Care
  5. Adoption Policies
  6. Partnerships

Field Services and Community Cats Group

Members: Victoria Thomas - Chair, Maureen Smith, Melissa Rubin, Kim Haden, OAS Staff – Maria Anselmo & Thomas Ingle or Jeanette Wright 

  1. Field Services
  2. Animal Cruelty
  3. Community Outreach and Education, including Wildlife related issues
  4. Community Cats & Others Cat issues

Veterinary Working Group

Members: Dr. Roxanne Borrok - Chair, Jan Maria Armstrong, Beth Mullen, OAS Staff – Dr. Lawrence & Katy Winston 

  1. Low Cost/Free Spay and Neuter for Community
  2. Low Cost/Free Wellness Exams for Community
  3. Training and Behavior Wellness
  4. Animal Care 


Patricia (Trish) Ranshaw
Office Services Coordinator
Office of Animal Services
Phone: 240-773-5931
Email: [email protected]