Montgomery County Detention Center
Rockville Neighborhood Advisory Committee
Update on MCDC Reuse Project

Advisory Date
Administrative Conference Room, MDCD
Warden William L. Smith ~ (240) 777-9962
MCDC Warden Office


William L. Smith-Warden MCDC, James L. Jones-Deputy Warden MCDC, Brenda Sims-IT Manager DOCR, Carl C. Furr-Records Manager MCDC, Alinda Nash-MCDC staff, Christine Johnson-DMJM staff, Richard Ladson-DMJM staff, Charlie Hornberger-Rockville Police, Shelford Gilliam-Administration Captain MCDC, Cynthia Distance-Thompson-Inmate Services Program Supervisor, Nancy Schoenfeld-Community member, Lisa Henderson-Management Services Division IT, Bill Campbell-Community member , Bill Novak-DPWT Project Manager and Bobbi Pollitt-OSC MCDC

Introductions: Warden Smith welcomed the group.


Update on Reuse Project:

Bill Novak updated the committee on the progress of the Reuse project.  He mentioned that there was a Schematic Design Meeting on April 20th and April 21st regarding the interior space and functions for each section in the detention center.  Each section is given a time to attend the meeting to discuss there area’s needs.  After April 21, 2005, we will have more accurate dimensions and more specifics on how to accommodate each section.  Hopefully by the July 19, 2005, we will have nailed down all section requirements for the units.  Then Mr. Novak gave tentative dates for the three phases of the new Reuse project.
  • Phase One (1)   August 1, 2006 – Design & Development- mini jail
  • Phase Two (2)    Late February 2007 to January 2008 – Move to mini jail/Renovation of MCDC and CPU
  • Phase Three (3)    To be finished July 2008- DOCR Training Unit

Mr. Novak stated that the parking lot would be in a different location than originally planned.  The change will give better access to the training section and improving the Sally Port.  There will also be a turn around area for the Ride On bus for released inmates and visitors.

Mr. Smith mentioned that after the July 19, 2005, meetings for Rockville Neighborhood Advisory Committee meeting will be held monthly instead of quarterly due to the progression of the Reuse project beginning with the July date and time. The meeting with the RNAC will focus on Community concerns the facility landscape, Ride On bus, lighting and any other area’s of interest.


Mr. Smith informed the committee that the Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards conducted a monitoring visit as required. During the initial audit there were three standards found to be non-compliance. These auditors reviewed those standards and found them to in compliance, therefore, Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Detention Division, MCCF and MCDC sections will receive 100% compliance certificate, from the MCCS Recognition of Achievement (ROA) later this year.

Next Meeting: July 29, 2008, 7:30a.m.
Montgomery County Detention Center
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