Montgomery County Detention Center
Rockville Neighborhood Advisory Committee
Update on MCDC Reuse Project

Advisory Date
Administrative Conference Room, MDCD
Warden William L. Smith ~ (240) 777-9962
MCDC Warden Office


Community Member Nancy Schoenfeld, Community Member Carl Peterson,Neighborhood Resource Coordinator (City of Rockville) Dwayne Jenkins, Catherine Sheehan DPWT, DCD, and David Heltemes, DPWT - Capital Development , Warden William Smith, Deputy Warden James L. Jones, Cynthia Distance-Thompson, Carl Furr, Bill Posada, Capt. Guy Ruffner, Lt. Sharon Roth, Bobbi Thompson.

Warden Smith welcomed the committee and introductions followed.Warden Smith gave a brief summary to the group of the functions of MCDC.He informed the group that inmates are held for 72 – 96 hours and then transferred to MCCF.


Construction Contract Awarded: 
Catherine Sheehan informed the group that after conducting interviews for four construction firms one has been selected.The construction firm of Grunley Construction Company Inc. was selected.They are located in Rockville, MD.

Phase I: 
Presently the Office of Procurement is negotiating the cost of the Reuse Project with the selected firm.It is hopeful that a contract will be issued by Mid May if so, construction for phase I will start June 1, 2007.

Catherine Sheehan went over the project phases with the group.Phase I renovation of G-Wing housing, level 2 and gymnasium which will take six months.Administration staff, correctional officers and inmates will move into the G-Wing and gymnasium.All construction during Phase I will be internal, with the exception of the parking which will primarily be the outdoor recreation area.Service for inmates and staff will be prepared at MCCF and transported to MCDC.

Staff and inmate relocation: 
Phase II renovations will be the core building.Once completed, all staff and inmates will move from the gymnasium back to E & F Wings and to the newly designed and renovated Administration area.

Renovation of G-Wing and Gymnasium: 
Phase III will be the final stages of the Reuse project transforming into the DOCR Training Section (academy), The Gymnasium (staff exercise and workout area).Mid-May 2009 Phase III completed.

Open discussion and remarks from MCDC staff and  RNAC  members:
There was some discussion about names for the new facility.Warden Smith told the group that final facility names will have to be approved by the County Executives Office and the County Council.

Community member Carl Peterson and Nancy Schoenfeld expressed concern about bus routing for visitors and inmates arriving and departing from the facility.Ms. Sheehan informed the committee that bus schedules have not yet been determined; they are still looking at the amount of rider-ship. Ms. Sheehan also mentioned that the Montgomery County Sidewalk Unit has offered to put in a sidewalk from the beginning of MCDC’s entrance, ending at the entrance of CPU. Ms. Schoenfeld & Mr. Peterson also inquired about the noise levels during renovation hours of operation.Dwayne Jenkins, Neighborhood Resource Coordinator informed the group that noise ordinates hours are from 7:30a.m. - 8:00p.m.

Warden Smith informed the group that during the Reuse Project he has requested an additional three positions for construction site security. He does not foresee a problem in getting the additional security staff.

Dwayne Jenkins requested information as to who to contact during the Reuse Project construction to address complaints that surface. He was told to contact Project Manager, David Heltemes with DPWT- Capital Development at 240-777-6064 or William L. Smith, Warden – MCDC at 240-777-9962. David Heltemes also informed the group that it is a Montgomery County Government policy that there be a on-sight Construction Representative during the entire Reuse Project; therefore, that person will trouble shoot all issues and concerns that may occur during construction and renovation.

Committee members requested Reuse phase designs to be posted on the county server to be viewed by the public, so the public can see the progression phases of the Reuse Project.

Estimated time frames from each phase:
Total project is estimated to be completed in 900 days from start to finish.Six months for Phase I, One year for Phase II and Six months for Phase III, with some le way time in between phases

Escapes and Improper Releases:

There were no escapes or improper releases.

Next Meeting: July 29, 2008, 7:30a.m.
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