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Rockville Neighborhood Advisory Committee
Update on MCDC Reuse Project

Advisory Date
Administrative Conference Room, MDCD
Warden William L. Smith ~ (240) 777-9962
MCDC Warden Office


Arthur M. Wallenstein, Pamela Wallenstein, Shelford Gilliam, Cynthia Distance-Thompson, Jim Main, Nancy Schoenfeld and Kelli Holland.

Captain Shelford Gilliam welcome the group



Captain S. Gilliam is the administrative captain for Montgomery County Detention Center. He has been employed with the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation for eighteen (18) years. Captain S. Gilliam handles employee's schedules, overtime work and promotions. He also reviews all employee injury reports or any assaults in the Detention Center. Captain S. Gilliam will be serving as a member of the MCDC Re-use project.


There where three (3) firms that had been selected for an oral interview. The interviews have been done. Warden William L. Smith was on the panel of interviewers. The Department should know by the end of January which firm was selected. The finalists are nationally known and have excellent reputations in the field of corrections.

CLARKSBURG - Simulated Incarceration Event

The simulated incarceration event will start on February 15, 2003 and end on February 16, 2003. Invitations were sent to the County Council, committee members, pastors, human services, Clarksburg and Boyds Citizens, county employees and law enforcement. At this time, one hundred and twenty (120) responses have come back. The Department's goal is to have at least 250 people participating in this event.


On December 19, 2002, the Department of Facilities and Services handed over the jail to the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation. All training began on January 2, 2003. There will be forty (40) employees in each group training. Training will continue though January and all of February. The new facility will open in March 2003. All inmates and employees that are going to the new facility will be there by May.


Emailing to committee members seems to be working out great. Therefore, emailing will be used on an emergency basis also. The Department will continue to have a phone tree that will be an immediate response for emergency.

PUBLIC SAFETY AWARDS - Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce

For the past twenty five (25) years, The Department of Correction and Rehabilitation were not included in the Montgomery County Public Safety Awards. Well this year, The Department of Correction and Rehabilitation will be attending the award ceremony and will be nominated for some awards. The ceremony is on March 28, 2003.


Lt. James Main from the City of Rockville Police Department mentioned that his department will be doing some reorganizing. There will be a police study to review the future of the police department. Eighteen (18) years ago, the City of Rockville Police Department had twenty five (25) officers and now there are fifty (50) officers.

The policy regarding released inmates from court that are walking back to the Detention Center has not changed. The policy was taken to Judicial Court. At this time the Department is seeking an opinion from the Attorney General.

When Montgomery County Correctional Facility opens, Montgomery County Detention Center will have more parking available, which eliminate parking on Seven Locks Road. When Montgomery County Detention Center reuse project is completed, there will be a ride-on bus turn around in front of the Detention Center.

Next Meeting: April, 2003, 7:30a.m.
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