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Pre-Trial Assessment Unit

Laura Dupree
Program Manager

Pre-Trial Services
Address:1307 Seven Locks Road, Rockville, Maryland 20854 |  Telephone: (240) 777-9830 
Hours of Operation Days: Monday-Friday |  Hours: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm |  Directions |  Bus Schedule Inmate Visiting

The Pre-Trial Assessment Unit is housed at the  Montgomery County Detention Center and is responsible for interviewing those who have been newly arrested and have been unable to make bond. Staff verifies personal information, analyzes criminal histories, and formulates recommendations to the Court to enable the judge to make informed bond decisions. Recommendations are made with public safety as the main priority. 

Pre-Trial Assessment Staff Contact Information

Name Job Title Telephone
Laura Dupree Program Manager (240) 777-9828
Candida Martha Correctional Specialist (240) 777-9823
Sherri Dorsey Correctional Specialist (240) 777-9824
Anntoinette Roberts Correctional Specialist (240) 777-9825



Director's Office · Montgomery County Department of Correction And Rehabilitation
22880 Whelan Lane· Boyds, Maryland 20841 ·
Telephone: 240-777-9976 · Fax: 240-777-9966
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