Housing Assistance


Homeowner Supports

Supports are available for homeowners who are behind on payments, fees or taxes, as well as for home repairs. Further homeowner property tax credits and energy efficiency programs are available to eligible households. Learn more about financial assistance for homeowners.

Advice and Help for Renters Behind on Rent Payments

If you are behind on your rent, see advice and help for renters.

Renters Tax Credit

Renters may qualify for a tax credit (a check of up to $1,000). Learn more about the Renters Tax Credit.

COVID-19 Rent Relief Program

The COVID-19 Rent Relief Program provides short-term rent assistance. It is for households that have experienced a financial loss due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, causing them to fall behind on their rent. Learn more about the Covid-19 Rent Relief Program.

Housing Stabilization Services

Services for emergency housing needs, including homelessness prevention services and housing related financial assistance with eviction, foreclosure, and utility disconnection are available. See current Housing Stablization Service status.

Homeless Information Line

Call the Homeless Information Line at 240-907-2688.

Trained specialists are available 24/7 to:

  • Provide information on County homeless services and shelter resources.
  • Receive reports regarding the location of individuals experiencing homelessness. Information will be forwarded to outreach partners who will attempt to locate the individual to offer support and resources. This is not an emergency response line. Emergencies should be reported directly to 911.