Apartments and Condo Buildings


Download printable "Face Covering Required" posters for building managers in English, Amharic, Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Address physical distancing strategies for the following specific areas:

Building entrances

Post clearly visible “Face Covering Required” signage for all common areas.

Lobbies, common areas, stairways, laundry rooms, mailrooms and other shared spaces

Post clearly visible “Face Covering Required” signs stating that face masks are required in all common areas.

Show where to stand when physical barriers are not possible. Use signs, tape marks, or other visual cues such as decals or colored tape on the floor, placed 6 feet apart.

Consider removing or rearranging seating areas to ensure physical distancing.


Use methods for physical distancing queue management for waiting passengers.

Post instructional signage displaying healthy elevator use protocols, including passenger limits and safe distances in the carriage.

Manage flow and discourage over-crowding of elevator carriages.


Train reception staff on safe interactions with residents and guests, ensuring that processes and physical layout support maintenance of physical distancing.

Outdoor Terraces

Outdoor terrace use is allowed following the current guidance in place, reflecting gatherings requirements, proper social distancing and wearing face coverings.

Areas must be cleaned after each use.

Daily Behaviors - Staff

Temporarily replace amenities that are handled with high-contact frequency.

Amenity Possible replacement
Water coolers Touchless-sensor water dispensers
Coffee makers Ask workers to bring their own water bottles / coffee mugs
Bulk snacks Provide individually-wrapped snacks