Foodservice Establishments

All businesses, organizations, establishments, and facilities that are permitted to operate under the Executive Order shall, as a condition of their continued operation, comply with the General Operating Requirements.

Restaurants, bars, and other similar establishments that sell food or beverages for consumption on-premises in Montgomery County (“Restaurants and Bars”), social and fraternal clubs (“Social Clubs”) with dining facilities, and foodservices in healthcare facilities:

  • must follow all provisions of the Maryland Department of Health’s Directive and Order Regarding Food Service Establishments (PDF) (Order No. MDH 2020-06-10-01) that do not conflict with any provision of the Executive Order;
  • shall cease service of alcoholic beverages for on-premise consumption at 10 p.m.;
    • Servers may not provide customers with alcoholic beverages after 10 p.m.
    • Guests may finish alcoholic beverages served by 10 p.m.
  • may, to the extent permitted by law continue to sell food and beverages that are promptly taken from the premises, i.e., on a carry-out, drive-through, or delivery basis; and
  • must follow any guidelines issued by the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services.

The Executive Order makes no changes to the hours for on-premise food service or take-out for food or alcohol.

Foodservice establishments are prohibited from serving food in a buffet format.

Required Entrance Signs

Foodservice establishments must post signage at each entrance advising customers and visitors that:

  • they must comply with the face covering requirements at all times when they are not eating or drinking;
  • they must maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet when
    • waiting to be seated
    • when seated at a bar
  • failure to wear face coverings as required or maintain social distancing may result in their being:
    1. refused service; and
    2. found to be in violation of the COVID-19 Local Order and subject to criminal penalties as stated in the Order.