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Reopening Montgomery:


Temporary Business Modification -- For restaurants that want to make temporary changes to their outdoor cafes.

  Temporary Business Modification Application New 

Restaurant Off Premises Alcoholic Beverages -By the Drink- Permission-- For restaurants that want to sell alcoholic beverages for carryout, curbside or delivery.
  Restaurant Off Premises Alcoholic Beverages -By the Drink- Permission ApplicationNew


For questions Contact:

Ron Price (LRE Compliance Manager)

 301-512-5913 -

Jocelyn Rawat (LRE Licensure Manager)

 240-777-1997 -


Class A Beer and Wine Tasting License
 Information   License Application   Licensee Signature Page

Business Modification
 Application   Licensee Signature Page

Catering Extension
 Information  Extension Application   Licensee Signature Page

Outdoor Cafe
 Information   Application   Property Owner Signature Page   Licensee Signature Page

Permission to Use and Store Spirits for Cooking
 Permission Application   Licensee Signature Page

Refillable/Nonrefillable Container Permit (growler or crowler)
 Information   Permit Application   Licensee Signature Page

Wine Corkage Permit
 Information   License Application   Licensee Signature Page

Country Club Off Sale Permit
  License Application  


Beer and Wine Tasting Event Permit
 Permit Application

Catering Extension Event Permit
 Permit Application

One-Day License
 Information    License Application  New  

Temporary Business Modification Permit -- Do not use for COVID-19 changes.
 Permit Application

Country Club Off Sale Event Permit
 Permit Application