Religious Facilities


Religious Facilities may open to the general public for indoor and outdoor services provided the Religious Facility complies with the following:

“Religious Facilities” are defined in Executive Order for Phase 2 (PDF) as “churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and other similar religious facilities of any faith in Montgomery County”.

Religious services and ceremonies

Religious Facilities do not have a maximum of 50 people for religious services and ceremonies. They are allowed 1 person or household per 200 sq ft of religious ceremony space. This is both for indoor and outdoor religious ceremonies at or on the grounds of a religious facility.

Religious weddings and funerals

Religious wedding and funeral ceremonies that take place inside or outside of a religious facility do not have the 50 person maximum. They must still follow the 1 person or household per 200 sq ft of religious ceremony space.

Non-religious weddings and funerals

Non-religious wedding and funeral ceremonies or any such ceremony that does not take place at a religious facility are restricted to the 50-person maximum along with 1 person or household per 200 sq ft of gathering space. They follow the guidelines for any indoor or outdoor gathering.

Other gatherings

Any other gatherings such as committee meetings, 12-step meetings, community gatherings, outdoor events are capped at a 50-person maximum, along with the 200 sq ft rule.

Questions and Answers for Religious Facilities

See questions and answers (PDF) for religious facilities.

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