Facility Fees
Utilities are included in the base rental fee. Facility fees are calculated based on activities conducted, room type, and time of use. Note that fees apply for ALL time you expect to be in a facility. Time needed for set-up, clean-up and for your participants to vacate the facility must be included in the hours requested.

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The basic rental fees do not include time to provide special set up arrangements prior to the activity or clean the facility following the activity. The amount of time for these activities will be assessed by the school and Community Use of Public Facilities staff. Below are estimates for minimum clean up time; these estimates will increase based on the number of people in attendance, the number of rooms used and whether or not refreshments are served.

Classrooms 15 minute minimum per room (charged by the half-hour)
Gyms, Hallways, All Purpose Rooms:
      Wet Mopping
      Dry Sweeping

One hour minimum
30 minute minimum
Bathrooms One hour per set minimum
Auditorium Two to three hours (dependent upon number of people present)