Advisory & Action Groups

To truly support our community, the transportation system must respond to the needs of all groups, neighborhoods and contexts that make up our vibrant County. MCDOT actively involves people in our work through public engagement and a customer-oriented approach to everything we do. Volunteers are needed to input to MCDOT, the County Executive and the County Council on transportation issues. Here’s some ways you can participate:

Bicycle Action Group

Residents advise MCDOT on biking issues, programs & projects

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Corridor Advisory Committees
Community stakeholders participating in the planning for BRT

Pedestrian, Bicycle and Traffic Safety Advisory Committee
Advises the County on ways to improve pedestrian, bicyclist & traffic safety

Purple Line Community Advisory Teams
Participation opportunities for community members in neighborhoods near the Purple Line route

Rustic Roads Advisory Committee
Oversees the Rustic Roads Program by reviewing policies & promoting public awareness

Ride On Transit Advisory Group
Ride On customers who provide feedback on the bus service

Taxicab Services Commission
Provides input to MCDOT on taxicab regulation & service

Transportation Management District Advisory Committees
Advises MCDOT on alternative transportation issues related to reducing traffic