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Materials for MCDOT Open House – July 16, 2018

“NextGen TDM”

Proposed Code Changes & Executive Regulations to Support Multi-Modal Options

Proposed changes to County Code and Executive Regulations to support multi-modalism were the subject of an open house on Monday, July 16th, 5 – 8 pm at the Executive Office Building Lobby Auditorium. Brief presentations summarizing the proposed changes were made and explanatory materials were on display as well as staff being present to discuss the proposed revisions.  The NextGen TDM presentation from the MCDOT Open House can be viewed or downloaded here.

The proposed Code changes and regulations would implement new Transportation Demand Management (TDM) requirements for development projects and employers based on size and geographic location, to support increased use of multi-modal options. The revisions would enable TDM to be extended to additional areas of the County beyond the current Transportation Management Districts, provide more flexibility in selection of strategies, streamline the process for program approval, and increase the effectiveness and enforceability of TDM programs. Additional opportunities for input will be provided at a public hearing to be scheduled for the fall and through the process for adoption of Executive Regulations.

Listed below are links to the NextGen TDM explanatory materials: