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Commuter Services promotes Better Ways to Work with a variety of incentives and tools to help make our roads less crowded while providing reliable transportation alternatives. For more information please click on the icons below .

Click here for Employer Services Learn about Public Transit here! Information about Montgomery Countyy's TMDs Carpools & Vanpools help ease traffic congestion! Biking & Walking, healthful ways to get to work. Teleworking and Alternate Schedules Learn about Bike Sharing in Montgomery County here. Car Sharing information Vist the TRiPS commuter stores for SmarTrip cards and trip plans!

Laws and Regulations

The statute governing Transportation Demand Management in the County can be found in the Montgomery County Code here, Article II. Transportation Demand Management. ( 

The proposed Executive Regulation concerning the implementation of the law can be viewed/downloaded here: Transportation Demand Management Regulation 8-21The County Executive has forwarded this proposed regulation to County Council which will consider it for adoption at a future session.

Written comments received during the public comment period have been collected and compiled with responses here: Table of Comments Received & Responses