Good Hope Road Shared Use Path


The project was originally proposed as a five-foot sidewalk in the 1997 Cloverly Master Plan. After the Bicycle Master Plan was adopted in Fall 2018, the proposed width was increased to eight feet and the facility type was updated to a sidepath. A sidepath is a type of shared-used-path that accommodates two-way travel for pedestrians and bicyclists, located parallel to the road. The sidepath is proposed along Good Hope Road from Windmill Lane to Rainbow Drive, a length of approximately one mile. The project also provides a pedestrian bridge that is 40-foot long and eight-foot wide at the intersection of Good Hope Road and Hopefield Road. The project site is within the Upper Paint Branch Special Protection Area.

  • Complete Final Design: Spring 2021
  • Start Construction: Spring 2022
  • End Construction: Summer 2023

Public Feedback

The County welcomes your feedback. Public input is the key to the success of a public infrastructure project, as it allows the County to understand the concerns of the community. Email your comments to:

Rebecca Park, P.E.
MCDOT Division of Transportation Engineering
100 Edison Park Drive, 4th Floor
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878

Area Map