Good Hope Road Shared Use Path


This project is located in Cloverly, Maryland on Good Hope Road from Windmill Lane to Rainbow Drive. The project includes the construction of 4500’ of 8 foot wide shared use path located on the east side of Good Hope Road from Windmill Lane to Briggs Chaney Rd and on the west side from Briggs Chaney Road to Rainbow Drive.

Good Hope Road Shared Use Path project will commence construction in late Winter 2023. The project is slated to take 295 days, the project will be substantially in the Fall of 2024, pending upcoming winter weather and mandated stream restrictions.

Over the next several weeks the following operations will be ongoing:

  • Placement of RGRB for shared use path subbase 
  • Clearing and root pruning operations to continue in Phase 3&4
  • Contractor to begin work on the pedestrian bridge abutments at the stream.

Project Progress: Storm Drain Installation

concrete weir installation Clearing Operations

imbricated riprap installation Tree Removal Operations

swale from windmill Grading Along Good Hope Rd.

Montgomery County Department of Transportation
Division of Transportation Engineering
100 Edison Park Drive, 4th FL
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878
[email protected]

Michelle Haley - Area Engineer
[email protected]
Mohamed Elfallah - Construction Representative
[email protected]

Area Map