White Flint District East - Transportation

The White Flint East project provides for final design and construction for a new road to extend Executive Boulevard east from Rockville Pike (MD 355) to Nicholson Lane. The proposed road includes four lanes with sidewalk, street lighting, landscape and stormwater management. The road portion that connects Nicholson Lane and proposed White Flint Lane will have a separate bicycle accommodation on one side. The road is proposed in three phases. The first phase is Executive Boulevard Extended (B-7) from MD 355 to a new private street. The second phase is Executive Boulevard Extended (B-7) from a new private street to new White Flint Lane. The third phase is Nebel Street Extended (B-5) from White Flint Lane to Nicholson Lane. Also included in the project is a bridge over the White Flint Metro station along proposed McGrath Boulevard from MD 355 to future Station Street.

It was projected that the road design will be completed in FY18 and construction of the first phase of the road will be completed in FY20. The bridge construction will be completed in FY20. The remainder of the road construction is funded beyond FY22. All scheduling for this project is dependent upon dedication of private property and available taxing district funding.

Dan Sheridan
White Flint District - East

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