Any individual may file a confidential written complaint with the Commission. A complaint must allege facts under oath that would support a reasonable conclusion that a violation occurred. The complaint must be filed within the later of two years after:

  1. the alleged violation or
  2. the date when the complainant learned of facts that would indicate a violation occurred. Based on the facts provided by the complainant, the Commission may request Commission staff, the County Attorney, special counsel or any other person to conduct an investigation.

If, in the Commission's opinion, the complaint does not allege facts sufficient to state a violation, the Commission may dismiss the complaint. When a complaint is dismissed, the Ethics Law requires that the Commission inform the subject of the complaint that the complaint was filed and dismissed, but prohibits the Commission from disclosing the identity of the complainant.

If, based on a complaint and an investigative report, the Commission finds reasonable cause to believe that a violation has occurred, the Commission must hold either an adjudicatory hearing or dispose of the matter by consent order.