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Division of Operations

Red line

Steve Jones
Division Chief

240-777-2400 E-Mail

Red line

The Division of Operations Division Chief is responsible for the personnel management and immediate direction of those uniformed DFRS personnel who are assigned to the 37 fire and rescue stations within the County. This Division is the largest work unit within the DFRS with the majority of the Operations Division personnel working a 24/48-hour shift and the other personnel 40 hour daywork. Also within the Division of Operations is the:

Objectives of the Division of Operations

  • To ensure compliance with the departments policy and procedures
  • To improve safety and efficiency on the incident scene
  • To improve communications within the bureau of operations and with other Fire/Rescue & EMS personnel
  • To build a stronger team within the division

Within the Division of Operations is the  Emergency Medical Services (EMS)  section. The EMS Section serves to coordinate the provision of emergency medical services throughout the County. Working closely with the 19 fire and rescue corporations, the Fire and Rescue Commission, and the County Medical Society, the EMS Section is responsible for such activities as:

  • EMS communications systems coordination
  • Advanced Life Support Program medical components oversight
  • Field evaluation for quality assurance of all emergency care personnel

The  Emergency Communications Center is responsible for the effective performance of all emergency communications relating to a fire, rescue, or emergency medical incidents. From the joint Public Safety Communications Center building, the MCFRS Emergency Communications Center is the primary link between a citizen, who reports an emergency via 9-1-1, and the fire and rescue personnel and equipment, who respond to an incident scene. The MCFRS Emergency Communications Center dispatches all emergency fire, rescue and emergency medical resources in Montgomery County.

In addition to the duties identified above, other Division of Operations assigned DFRS senior officers perform additional collateral duties. A listing of these duties include

  • Accident Incident Review
  • Command Officer Scheduling
  • Computer Applications
  • Deputy Safety Officers
  • District Training Coordinators
  • Document Control Officers
  • Field Office Supplies
  • Fire Prevention
  • Injury Prevention/Public Education
  • Learn Not To Burn (field)
  • Legislative Review
  • METRO Liaison
  • Periodic Physicals
  • Potomac River
    Interagency Operations
  • SARA/Right To Know
  • Special Team Leaders - CRT/USAR, HAZ MAT, RRATT


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