Special Operations Section


Assistant Chief Tracy McDonald

Battalion Chief Ivan Browning

Battalion Chief Douglas Hinkle

Mission Statement

The mission of the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service Special Operations Section is to enhance and expand upon the capabilities of Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service by providing highly trained and specialized response, management, origin and cause determination, and logistical capabilities for any high risk/low frequency incident or event.

Special Events:

It is our goal to help you have a safe and successful event. As an event organizer, you are a very important member of our public health and safety team. The form located at the link below, will assist us in evaluating your event to determine the level of MCFRS support is appropriate for your event. Please complete the Special Event Information Request Form.

Units, Teams and Programs within the Special Operations Section:

Recognizing that there are incidents that have special mitigation needs, Montgomery County's Fire and Rescue Service operates multiple specialty units, teams and programs. Each team is designed to answer a specific need. Besides incidents in the County, these teams will respond to assist neighboring jurisdictions:

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