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Special Operations

Assistant Chief Maurice Witt

Welcome to your online resource for special event planning in Montgomery County.

MCFRS members of the urban search and rescue team at the site of Oklahoma City bombing

It is our goal to help you plan and have a safe and successful event. We aim to provide resources for you to use during your planning 

process that will aide you in planning for a successful event. As an event organizer, you are a very important member of our public health and safety team. We appreciate your participation!

Please complete the Special Event Information Request Form

Your answers to these questions will help us point you in the right direction and provide you with helpful information tailored to your event. After we receive your completed form you will receive a response e-mail so that we can discuss the specifics of your event(s)

If you have specific questions about your event or planning an event in Montgomery County please complete the online form and we will contact you.

Recognizing that there are incidents that have special mitigation needs, Montgomery County's Fire and Rescue Service operates multiple specialty teams. Each team is designed to answer a specific need. Besides incidents in the County, these teams will respond to assist neighboring jurisdictions. The specialty teams are as follows:

  • The Hazardous Incident Response Team (HIRT) is an integrated response unit where personnel are pre-assigned with specific duties to improve on-scene efficiency and to promote team safety.
  • The Swift Water Rescue Team is responsible for Swift Water Rescue along the Potomac River and throughout the county during flash floods and heavy rains.
  • The Urban Search and Rescue Team, known as Maryland Task Force 1A, is a highly specialized group of fire fighters, paramedics, and civilian specialists who have trained to handle many difficult specialized rescue situations.


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