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Help with Medical Bills

If you are struggling financially, visit our other Get Help pages (especially our Multiple Needs page and Financial page).
  • Hospital bills:
    • If you receive a hospital bill that you are unable to pay, contact the hospital and ask about financial assistance programs that might help you with your bill. The financial assistance department may help you apply for programs that can help pay your bill (such as Medicaid), give you a discount, or set up a payment plan. Do not ignore medical bills, or they can go to a debt collector and affect your credit score.
  • Prescription Medications:
    • Some nonprofit organizations may help pay for prescription medications, if you do not have adequate health insurance coverage to pay for them.  See the Emergency Financial Assistance Desk Guide for listings of nonprofit organizations that provide financial assistance with prescriptions and other needs.
  • Emergency Medicaid
    • Covers emergency services for patients who do not qualify for full Medicaid.  Immigration status not required.