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Healthy Montgomery Core Measures

February 2020
The core measures are used to measure the health of Montgomery County residents.  The core measures include Healthy Montgomery priorities established in 2009.  Measures for injury and infectious disease have been included based on data trends, health concerns in the county and opportunities for prevention. The measures are monitored over time and compared to peer counties or to state and national benchmarks. 

Maternal and Infant Health, 2008 - 2017

February 2019
Highlights the status of maternal and infant health in Montgomery County. Overall, Montgomery County performs better than state and national averages related to maternal and infant health indicators. However, great disparities of pregnancy-related outcomes among population subgroups on race/ethnicity are of particular concern. The report also highlights efforts to reduce adverse pregnancy-related outcomes and improve maternal and infant health in the County.

Report on Infectious Disease, 2013 - 2017

September 2018
Provides an overview of the infectious disease trends in Montgomery County.  Of note, the county has experienced an increase in sexually transmitted infections and a rise in active and latent tuberculosis cases. The report includes efforts to combat infectious diseases through disease surveillance, prevention and control.

Status of Health Report, 2008 - 2016

April 2018
Offers a comprehensive view of the county’s health status and compares the health of our residents to state and national benchmarks. The report can be used to identify health needs and strategies to address the most prevalent health concerns within Montgomery County.

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