Public Participation - Public Comment Procedures

  • Speakers must sign up in advance by calling Lisa Merino at 240-777-8562. Persons who have not signed up in advance may be heard at the end of the hearing at the discretion of the presiding officer.
  • Public hearing sign-up begins on the date that the notice is posted to the website.
  • Each speaker will be given 3 minutes. This applies to elected officials, government and organization representatives as well as individuals. Speakers will not be allowed to cede time to another speaker. Only one person may represent an organization.
  • Before beginning your presentation, please state and spell your name clearly for the record.
  • Staff has been directed to assure that the Board hears all points of view. Staff will ask the speakers to indicate the subject they are speaking on or if they are offering comments. Speakers are encouraged to consolidate testimony. Speakers should provide staff with necessary information that documents their issue or issues.
  • Questions regarding board meetings or other related issues should be directed to Lisa Merino at 240-777-8562.

Written comments shall be submitted to the Board of Elections 7 days prior to board meeting. Submission of written comments may be sent via e-mail to: or mailed to the attention of Lisa Merino at the Montgomery County Board of Elections, PO Box 4333, Rockville MD 20849-4333.