MCPL Teen Advisory Board

The Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is a group of library teen volunteers that helps the library and the community by implementing, promoting and advocating for youth services in Montgomery County.

The Teen Advisory Board will provide feedback on programs, assist librarians with planning and running events and will be library advocates.


The Teen Advisory Board meets once a month at the Aspen Hill Library. Date and time will be emailed to all current TAB members via email.

We also are currently offering a virtual meeting on the second Thursday each month from 6:00-7:00 PM

SSL Hours

You earn SSL hours for attending TAB meetings and there will be more opportunities to volunteer at the Aspen Hill and Little Falls Library in the coming year.

How to Join

Please complete a volunteer application at either Aspen Hill or Little Falls and write TAB on the corner. All applicants must be 13 or in 8th grade at time of application up to 17 or 18 and a Senior in high school.