Preparing for Fire School

Class of students at the Training Academy

Leading up to the academy you should be running everyday as well as able to complete 20 pushups, 50 sit ups, and working your way up to 10 pull ups. You will be tired when you complete your PT, but you’ll also need to be ready to study. The classroom portions of the fire academy will require a great deal of study. If you’ve been out of school for awhile it’s time to dust off the flash cards and get ready to take notes.

We also recommend candidates to attend CPAT mentoring, which is offered during the hiring process. CPAT mentoring is the training for the Candidate Physical Agility Test, and is offered for 12 weeks. Many of the CPAT mentors will also be your physical fitness trainers during recruit school. This will give you the opportunity to gain insight on the types of physical fitness training conducted during recruit school. Lastly, we recommend that candidates attempt to schedule a ride along at one of the fire stations in Montgomery County. This will give candidates a snapshot view of what this career entails.

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