The Office of the Inspector General remains open; however, in order to limit person to person contact and reduce the potential transmission of the COVID-19 (coronavirus), all OIG employees are teleworking. We continue to receive and respond to complaints via email,, and phone, 240-777-8240. If you have questions about a pending investigation, you may contact the investigator directly by email or through the OIG mailbox. Messages and emails are checked regularly throughout the workday.

OIG Fiscal Year 2020 At A Glance

OIG oversight responsibility increased from $3.1 Billion to over $5.8 Billion with the passage of legislation

Council action added requirements to perform  systematic reviews of all County departments and highrisk contracts and agreements

Increased outreach to employees and residents with  postings on County websites; email to County employees, and material for New Employee Orientation

MD General Assembly authorized the MC County Council to enact laws granting the OIG oversight of Montgomery College , the Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County, the Montgomery County Board of Education , and Public Schools .

Added 5 FTEs; budget increase of $272,881; hired Deputy IG, hired Special Assistant IG for Administration; established Audit Division