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Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

September is National Preparedness Month!

Week 4 – How to... Practice for an emergency.

Don't let a disaster take you by surprise.

To learn more about how you can practice for an emergency, click here.

Week 3 – How to... Build an Emergency Kit.

How will you sustain your family during an emergency?

To learn more about what you should have in your emergency kit, click here.

Week 2 – Know How to Plan for Specific Needs Before a Disaster.

When preparing your family or business emergency plan and kit, it is important to consider specific and special needs.

To learn more about different types of specific needs, click here.

Week 1 – How to… Reconnect with Family After a Disaster.

Emergencies can happen at any time. Will your family know how to find each other if you are separated? 

To learn how to reconnect with your family after a disaster, click here.

Get these free activity & coloring books at your local Montgomery County library!

Click the books below for a PDF version to print at home!