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Montgomery County Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission exercises authorities granted to it under the Public Ethics Law to promote the public’s trust of County government and to ensure the impartiality of County employees, including elected officials, in the execution of their responsibilities.

Beginning June 24, 2015, all Outside Employment requests will need to be processed through the Outside Employment Online System (OEOS) (except uniformed police officers).

To view a tutorial on how to use the new OEOS, click here. (If you have trouble viewing the tutorial, click here to view it as a powerpoint.)


If you have any questions, please contact the Ethics Commission by phone at: 240-777-6670 or email at:


For further information about the Commission, please follow the links on this page to the Ethics Law as well as to various topics and reports.


Ethics Commission Members


                              Kenita V. BarrowChair                           Vacant - Vice Chair  

                               Kenita Barrow                              Vacant



Barbara S. Fredericks 

Barbara Fredericks

Claudia Herbert

Claudia Herbert

Steven Rosen

Steven Rosen