Caching the Rain Geocaching Trail

Geocaching is a family-friendly outdoor scavenger hunt using GPS coordinates to search for and locate hidden containers called geocaches. A geotrail is a series of geocaches united under one common theme. The Caching the Rain geotrail's theme is stormwater awareness.

Jump below to learn how to participate or  download the Caching the Rain brochure . Experienced geocachers can download the  Caching the Rain passport and quickly get started on the  Caching the Rain page on to start on the trail.  

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About the Caching the Rain Geotrail

Improving water quality is in your hands! Learn more by completing the Caching the Rain Geotrail! 

The Caching the Rain Geotrail takes you on a tour of some of Montgomery County’s stormwater management practices. There are geocaches placed nearby various practices that help improve water quality in our local streams.

The geotrail was first launched on June 28th, 2014 and included 6 geocaches. A full list of sites and geocache coordinates are posted at

Image of Stormwater Awareness Trail

Image of a family geocaching.