Noise Waivers & Suppression Plans

Occasionally, public works construction projects are done during hours that fall outside the County-designated normal construction hours of Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm These projects are usually done in response to directives by state and local agencies to address traffic congestion and pedestrian safety issues.

Temporary Noise Waivers

The Montgomery County Noise Control Law allows for the issuance of a Temporary Noise Waiver to allow after-hours and nighttime construction projects if the benefit to the public offsets the noise the event will create in excess of the established limits.

Refer to the application form and fee schedule below, and allow 30 days for the processing of your Temporary Noise Waiver application.

Noise Suppression Plans

  • A Noise Suppression Plan is a written plan to use the most effective noise-suppressing equipment, materials, and methods appropriate and reasonably available for a particular type of construction.
  • Several construction activities, such as pile driving and hoe ramming, might inherently exceed 75 dBA, depending on the circumstances.

In those cases, the Montgomery County Noise Control Law allows up to 85 dBA, provided a Noise Suppression Plan, approved by DEP, is implemented. Essentially, these plans require the best reasonably available control technology or strategy. They might involve equipment selection, scheduling, and temporary noise control devices to block or absorb the sound.

Read the full text of the  Montgomery County Noise Suppression Plan Guidelines ( PDF, 207KB) to learn more.


Noise Waiver and Suppression Applications and Approved Plans